Ruggine (Michela Gioachin)

Ruggine (Michela Gioachin)


Acrylic on canvas . 40 x 60 cm . 2022

Michela Gioachin is an Italian artist, she was born and lives in Vicenza.

Since she was a child she knew she wanted to be a painter and has always been attracted to portraiture. Her artistic training began at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice, where she graduated in Painting with honors in 2003. Since then her path is marked by a series of solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad among which “Premio Arte 2002” (in which she won the “Premio Accademia”) exhibiting her work at the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan. Subsequently she took part in the “88th Bevilacqua La Masa Collective” in Venice and in “Art Stays-International Visual Workshop” in Ptuy, Slovenia (2004). The most recent exhibition events have seen her participation in the “Premio Mestre di Pittura 2021_The finalists” at the Candiani Cultural Center in Mestre – Venice and in the collective “Reminiscenza” at the OnArt Gallery in Florence. Among the awards she was a finalist in the “Contemporary Award 2021”, an international IG contest promoted by @ contemporary.paintings and a finalist in the “Premio Mestre di Pittura 2021”.

She began to teach private drawing lessons, she makes commissioned portraits and she collaborates regularly with various galleries on the national territory.

Her work is strongly characterized and recognizable. Flanked by an incredible technical ability, Michela’s work is suspended over time, capturing and incorporating classical art delicacy and electronic art, digital, merging them into a singular and perpetual unicum of extraordinary pictorial effect. Her technique is always the same: diluted acrylic, watercolored, stretched out in layers with the brush on the canvas.

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My artistic research began with a technical error in photographing a friend, at the Venice Academy, while I was looking for subjects to portray for my paintings: in one shot the image was doubled. That mistake that for many would have been just a waste for me instead became something else, a form of language that allowed me to express what I was looking for.

In particular, the face had its eyes open and closed at the same time, and it told much more than a present moment: it represented the past, the present and the future. That mistake had become poetry. Essential. From that moment the glitch has become my way of interpreting the portrait and the figure: researched through photography and then pictorially recreated, through which the subjects divide electrically to be in motion and never static, allowing me to tell the movements of the soul and dynamic and changing energy of feelings and emotions.

The last series I’m working on is called “FERITE”, it’s a serie in which I paint emotional states and illnesses of the psyche. In the image I introduce random spaces, rips and spots that interfere with the faces, bringing unpredictability to the technically controlled work. In some works the spots are deliberately symmetrical and recall the Rorschach test. The Rorschach test is a personality investigation tool; it exploits the unconscious mechanism of projection, according to which, faced with an ambiguous and unstructured image, the subject tends to project his own internal world made of fantasies, memories and personal meanings onto it.

They are works in which I seek greater expressive freedom, in which an uncontrolled part dialogues with that previously studied at the table, as happens between our psyche and rationality.


Acrylic on canvas



40 x 60 cm



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