Last Gods (Suzanne Anan)

Oil on canvas . 40 x 60 inches

Anan creates figurative compositions with women as her primary subject. She works in all mediums, but prefers the unpredictability of painting, and the humility and vulnerability required in every stroke of oil onto canvas. Her work is inspired by poetry and literature. Her raw material comes from real life. Her images are gloriously human, revealing the evocative expressions of her thought-provoking subjects.

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Fine art has been my passion since I was young. I love to work on my paintings and I am often inspired by life and nature. I love many art styles, but realism is my favorite. As a realism artist, my approach to a subject matter is to portray it as it really appears in life;  I do admire other art styles, such as impressionism and abstract art. For example, Vincent Van Gogh and are among my favorite artists whose artistic styles reflect those styles. Others who are also my favorite include American artists Georgia O’Keeffe for her flower paintings and Thomas Kinkaid  for his realism in art and and I became fascinated with the realism of Renaissance portraits from the likes of Leonardo and Botticelli, Michelangelo , Michelangelo is recognized for his skillful style of painting that uses light to dramatically highlight specific points in his compositions.


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