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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sell with Collector Masters?

You just have to choose the plan that best suits you. If you want to start selling your art without commissions, unlimited advertising you can see the different plans here.

What happens once I submit an artwork?

In Collector Masters you decide how to send your work of art to the collector. We think that each artist has his way of sending and transmitting the message to the collector.

How is selling with Collector Masters different from with a traditional art gallery?

We are an international portal for the sale of art without commissions or contracts among others in its new options. In addition, the purchase is made directly from the artist and not through galleries, which gives the opportunity to learn more about the work being purchased. This builds a bridge between the artist and the collector.

How do I contact an Collector Masters specialist?

You can contact an Collector Masters specialist at any time by emailing

Sell Artwork with Collector Masters

How long does it take to sell art with Collector Masters?

Many artists are choosing our portal to work directly with their collectors. We have the necessary tools to constantly move the artist’s work with our database and personally with our private collectors. Which means that your artwork can be sold within 2–6 weeks.

I am an artist. Can I sell my art with Art Galleries?

The artist decide what you want for your Collector Masters membership. If you are tied to a contract with your art gallery, we advise you to disassociate yourself from that contract and start working with us. We will be selling your art faster and always without commissions and with added advertising in our media digital and printed.

Do I have to design my Collector Masters page?

We take care of everything. Once we receive the form, you will receive a welcome email and we will ask you for the detailed information we need to create your Collector Masters experience. We will be very aware that your work is sold on our portal and has international coverage in our magazine The Guide Artists.


How can I send my Artwork to the art collector?

The artist always decides how to submit and handle his artwork. Mostly it is the artist who decides with the collector how he wants to send his artwork.


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